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Brand & PR manager

15 июня 2018, 14:46


1. Responsible for short video segment in Russian Market; brand awareness plan and various marketing or document writing;

2. Responsible for developing, maintaining and enhancing the media relations and influence of the company in Russia.

3. Independent planning and implementation of brand marketing activities.



1. Bachelor degree or above

2. 2 year or above related work experience in journalism, public relations, communication, etc.

3. Excellent writing skills, capable of writing news releases, speeches, commercial copywriters, etc. and have a work that can prove it.

4. Understand the development of Russian news media industry, understand short video market, and deeply understand the characteristics and business status of short video products.

5. The execution is excellent, and the self — driving force is strong.

6. Have the ability to work under pressure and team spirit, have entrepreneurial spirit.

7. Fluent English

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