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Marketing Manager

15 июня 2018, 13:58


1. Understand Russian cultural and popular trends, capture hot events for developing short video production marketing plans and strategies, effectively enhance the growth of users and brand awareness.

2. Effectively arrange media marketing implementation plan in cooperation with MCN, Agency, 4A company and other external resources; monitor the performance of the activities, responsible for growth indicators;

3. Build a brand positioning and execution plan, and continuously enhance brand penetration through various marketing activities and brand cooperation.


1. Bachelor degree or above, proficient in English;

2. 2 years or above working experience in Internet Marketing / social media marketing.

3. Has strong hot spot sensitivity, integrated marketing execution and activity control.

4. Strong creative planning skills, copywriting skills and team communication skills.

5. Wide range of interests, willing to try all kinds of new things, fully understand the preferences and needs of young Russian users.

6. Have the ability to work under pressure and team spirit, be able to accept long-term or short-term business trip, and have entrepreneurial spirit.

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