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#SkillsRevolution 2.0. Robots Need Not Apply


• The likely impact of automation on their headcount in the next two years; 
• Which functions within their organization will be most affected;
• The human skills they value most and which they struggle to find.

As industries shift to more advanced, automated processes, employers need additional people – especially those with IT skills – to drive transformation.
Of the 42 countries surveyed, 34 have more companies expecting to grow rather than shrink their workforce as a result of digitization. In the Skills Revolution, for organizations and individuals alike, the best blend of high-tech and high-touch will be the combination of human strengths with technical and digital know-how. 
More than half of companies say communication skills, written and verbal, are their most valued soft skill followed by collaboration and problem-solving.
Human strengths are skills that will augment technology and reduce the threat of replacement by automation.

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